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epiphany algorithm is an online collaboration between Scott Kauffman (aka current device) and Dave Read (aka am0eba). The two have yet to meet in real life (living on opposite coasts of the US), but have managed to produce a mini-album's-worth of music in a little over a year.

The two "met" on SoundCloud, enjoying and commenting on each other's music, as a result of following folks who make electronic music using Propellerhead Software's Reason, which is a quirky digital audio workstation that includes a graphical emulation of a rack of gear that can be expanded indefinitely, the devices being interconnected using virtual patchcords.

Scott broke the ice by asking about doing a remix of Dave's track "Twip", and Dave was thrilled with what he did. A while later, Dave asked Scott if he could try to add some lyrics to Scott's instrumental track, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". Scott was happy with what Dave did, and the collaboration was fully underway...

During the next year or so, Scott and Dave exchanged Reason files back and forth, and have managed to develop a handful of original and unusual songs. After working on several tracks together, they decided to " start a band ", and the process of finding a name began. For a very short time, they existed as " YOINK! ", but it turns out a bunch of other people had the same idea... Eventually, they agreed on "epiphany algorithm ", partly because Scott had always wanted to use the word "algorithm "in some kind of title...

Their first album - the big idea- has been released by 2little2late Publishing and is now available for purchase at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon, and can be streamed from Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and others.

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