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While working on a musical collaboration project, Dave Read realized he should join a performing rights organization. So he signed up with ASCAP, and while he was at it, signed up as a publisher as well in order to be able to claim that side of the copyright benefits. The name - 2little2late - represents what Dave thinks about trying to get started in the business end of music this late in life.

2little2late "publishes"all music by Dave Read as am0eba, as well as collaborations with Scott Kauffman as epiphany algorithm.

2little2late is not out to make a profit in and of itself, but to faciliate any potential payments or other rights that should be assigned to its artists.

2little2late ia also hosting the information site for the now-defunct Boston School of Electronic Music.

To arrange for licensing or other publishing-related elements for our artists, or for other communications related to 2little2late, please contact Dave Read at:

(...to be continued...)


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